The Royal Guest List

The Mountain Tiger and his Klapp Mountain Team is already fox devils wild and ready to klapp and roll.

Mr. Iron from the South West Funk – the German answer to the BBC – will film you all!


The Royal Guest List:
      1. Greg Brown „the bear“ Duke of Newcity upon Winestreet
      2. Her Palatinate countess Lady Elke of the Holzländ
      3. Green Elisabeth and her Princes Royal Anne
      4. The Commenwells Royal Noble Hillsrunner from the Commenwells Highlands maddin the first
      5. Sir Ronald Black
      6. The FROG – waiting for the ROYAL KISS
      7. Nicole the first Lordine from Vegetabele Country Maxdorf
      8. Lord McClapp from Pigstomach on acid-croud
      9. Sir Andrew Home with his cycling klapphorse
      10. Sir Timothy Beylton
      11. Sir Francis Drake
      12. The fastest Royal Winemaker of the Queen from Palatina
      13. Highsitting Member of mechanical Duckdrivers
      14. princess Lady violet cupcake
      15. Queen Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth Gang & the PeDaltons)
      16. Clappmilla and Prince Schorles
      17. Stoneface O’Hoolihan
      18. Sir Menthos Minzor of Peppermint
      19. Lord Malcolm Macduff from the Oldportal
      20. John Doe Illegal oversea bastard
      21. Princess of Heltersmountain in Pälzer Forest
      22. Lady of Dungencastle Schmalenhill
      23. Save the Rave!
      24. Lord Klapp Prince of Flap
      25. Guddi, duchess of ravehole in Heltersberg
      26. His Most Sublime Royal Earl of Bathighome in Bathen from The Right Rhine Side
      27. The very best Lord of Flow rider
      28. Sir
      29. Hiss rojell heiness of gimmelthinks
      30. Sir Yuppe the new Swabian
      31.  The Right Honourable „Baron Simon of Ravenrock“
      32. Steven the justice shining light of spira and king of pizza toast
      33. Earl Klapp of  tea
      34. Klapp Mountain Team: Badman
      35. Klapp Mountain Team: Catwoman
      36. Klapp Mountain Team: Bergtiger
      37. William „Guardian and High Protector of Scotland“ Klappheart Wallace
      38. Dolly 2 – Cloned till it Klapped
      39. Sir Duncan Mac:Leod
      40. Sir James Mc Klapp
      41. Sir Wayne Klapp Rooney
      42. Sheep Dolly 4, cloned till it klapped
      43. Sheep Dolly 3, cloned till it klapped
      44. Sir Edmund hill r.e. lord of pushpedals
      45. King of Red Renn Klapp and Papa la Klapp
      46. Sir Robin the Brave (but not as brave as Sir Lancelot)
      47. Marquess of Rilze – Landlord from the high mountain Gollenberg –  Sir of the Schorlemasaker, but shaked not gereerd.
      48. Elizabeth the Second by the Grace of Klapp, Queen of the United Kingdom of Maychamber , Head of the Klappwealth, Defender of the One-Gear-Foldingbikes
      49. Lord Chainsuck
      50. Royal Folding Bike Duke of O-Town Castle
      51. Donna the Second, Princess of the Liver Worst
      52. Her Majesty Caro, The Queen of the holy Sharny’r
      53. His most Royal Rooster Duke of Puke
      54. Brightest Rooster Queen ever seen
      55. Sir Tizi the I.
      56. The honorable Member of the Royal Horticultural Society and Keeper of Her Majesty’s lawn sprinkler
      57. Mc Erisch Lord of the Schrebergarden his highness of Tomatoes
      58. SIR Hessian the Duke of Bensem
      59. Earl of Bathighome
      60. Royal Highness The Prince Charles Philip Arthur York, Duke of New York and Knight of the Klappcycle
      61. Sir Thomas vun Schwechnem
      62. The old palz-lord
      63. Sir Jamie Oliver
      64. Prince Schorles, Earl of Cornflakes
      65. prince of lewwerworscht un schwademache, duke fun winzinge
      66. The Mackintosh Earl of Fife and son of a gun
      67. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
      68. Baron zur luftigen Höh, Ritter der Kurpfalz im Abendschein zu Harthausen
      69. Her Highness (HH) Princess on the Klapp-Pea, now called Queen Mum
      70. the royal Prince of Cologne, the only representative of the triumvirate
      71. norlin hobb flat earl of plainshire (HOBB FLACH!)
      72. Johann Laurenz Fignon von Ritzlingen (Le roi de rue de Wasgau – König der Straßen vom Wasgau)