Palatina hooligans burned the Kalmit cottage!

Maychamber 3rd. September

300 Hooligans from the Palatina Wine-Mountains burned the Kalmit cottage. Marauding gangs klapp bikers  destroyed property at will as they made off with anything they could carry. With tensions mounting, anyone caught in the chaos was treated with suspicion as bricks and bottles continued to fly through the sky.

The police reported 264 Kings, 25 Queens and 11 Tandems that were involved in the riot.

The first queen who has been caught was „Eva Katz“, the frist King was „My dear Linksabbieger“,

The complete list of all hooligans and the time they have been caught by the police:

Please be patient – fotos will be available soon!

However, the police is still looking for foto and film material to get hold of the hooligans. Please contact